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Top 5 Social Apps for your mobile phone

Having a smartphone not only means you have access to a wide range of Apps for a portable device, but also you will have all of your social life in the palm of your hand. Being able to check your different social networks immediately in just a touch on a touchscreen was something you never dreamt of years ago.

At PHPnuke, we have collected a bunch of social applications you must have on your smartphone for getting information about what happens around you and your circles. Have a look at this essential software list for your latest generation smartphone and you can instantly avoid missing the latest trends the whole world over:

Facebook (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry)

The biggest social network has its own app for smartphones for any mobile operating system with the very same features it offers in the main browser version. Facebook mobile application allows you to directly share the media content you get from your camera to your own wall without a computer, just by being connected with 3G or Wi-Fi.

Integrated directly with your device, you will receive an alert for any notifications you get on your personal account. Messages, pictures, videos and the possibility of browsing the profile of your contacts makes Facebook for smartphones very useful when you are far from a desktop computer, as well as the optimized touch interface that makes it very intuitive.

SocialRadar (iOS)

Check contact
Check contact's information with SocialRadar

All you wanted to know about a person is easily reachable with SocialRadar . The application has proven its effectiveness analyzing the data people share on their social network accounts. SocialRadar only works with other users that have it installed on their iPhone, which really makes it helpful for respecting the privacy of people around you.

Configure the distance for it to work with and check in the map of your area for the people who already use SocialRadar. It will show information about their likes, personal data and even the data shared on Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn. It even offers you the opportunity to meet people with similar hobbies and locate them in a map using the GPS of the smartphone. Undoubtedly a great social application for your mobile device.

Pinterest (Android, iOS, Windows Phone)

Pinterest pin board
Pinterest pin board

Take your smartphone everywhere taking pictures and share them on the Internet. This is basically the way Pinterest works. Each user has their own wall, in this case called a board, onto which you can upload your images or pins that will be visible publicly. The fast growth of this social network was not a surprise since their developers have taken care of all its technical aspects, also providing an intuitive interface.

Having a source for finding these kinds of images makes Pinterest an interest application for having it installed on your smartphone

The main reason for which Pinterest has become so popular is its community. People share their works offering any kind of content such as DIY (Do it Yourself) or the so-called lifehacks, which are bits of advice for your daily life. Having a source for finding these kinds of images makes Pinterest an interesting application for having it installed on your smartphone.

Twitter (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry)

Discover people
Discover people's thoughts in Twitter

Although you can only use 140 characters per message, Twitter has become a basic application for all smartphone due to its social media content. Create your account and be ready to explore the Tweets of more than 200 million users that already have a Twitter profile. With the download to your smartphone, you will be able to check the hot news of the moment at any time, trending topics of what people are talking about or just to share Tweets with your followers.

This microblogging software will keep you informed of your only interest

With a great social expansion on its own, Twitter has added more services to the application like the ability to embedded pictures or videos from your mobile device, and even integrate some new services like Vine. This microblogging software will keep you informed of your specific interests since it will only show you information about people you follow on the Internet or messages they share. All the information is at your fingertips.

Snapchat (Android, iOS)

Set, send and destroy pictures in SnapChat
Set, send and destroy pictures in SnapChat

Send auto-destruct messages to your friends. That is the main use of this software for smartphones. Take a picture, customize it just like how you want it, set the time you want it to last and send it. Additionally it supports video clips of up to 10 seconds each. Snapchat works as simply as that, tap on the content you receive and you will be able to see it for a little time. It really has become very popular on the Internet since it enhances quick creativity.

Time is important for this software; this is the reason it limits the time for each shared element. Once you download and try Snapchat you will notice that it is quite funny. The good news is that images won’t be stored on your device saving space, but the bad news is that the content is only available for up to 24 hours.