Five stupid games that are time-swallowing monsters  screenshot

Five stupid games that are time-swallowing monsters

In the mobile world, sometimes the more simple a game is, the better. Of course we all love playing elaborate console-like experiences, but sometimes developers try to push too many boundaries and adding complexity to their games. This increases the chance that the game will fall short in some aspects because of the limitations of mobile devices.

That’s why simple games always work. Nevertheless, some games take simplicity to the extreme, even for mobile devices. I’m not saying those are worthless, indeed, they are exactly the opposite. Stupid games are great, and the more stupid the game is, the more you will find yourself hitting the play button over and over again. Let me show you five stupid games that will absorb you for hours.

1. Flappy Bird

I want to start this list with a mass phenomenon that reached over three million downloads per day, the infamous Flappy Bird. The game was created in only three days by a 29 year old Vietnamese guy. Players take the role of a pixel bird that looks exactly the same as Super Mario’s Cheep Cheep (the red fish). Moreover, the objective of this bird is to avoid crashing into some (possibly copyright-infringing) green pipes (yes, Super Mario again)!

  • How to Play: Tap on the screen to flap your wings.

2. The Impossible Game

The Impossible Game deals with an orange square that has to jump over triangles as the music plays…And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the game. There isn’t much more to say about this one, except that the music tracks are catchy (“Heaven” is playing on loop as I write this), controls are responsive and the game honors the title, as it is almost impossible to reach the end of a level.

  • How to Play: Tap on the screen to jump.

3. Tamago Egg

Tamago Egg is one of those games that make me ask myself: Why am I playing this stupid thing? But I’m still doing it anyway. The game displays a black screen with a regular egg and a meter set at 1,000,000. You’ve guessed it; the aim is to tap on the egg a million times. What’s inside Tamago Egg? Maybe the meaning of life is only a million clicks away from you, or it may just contain nothing at all, so you're wasting your time in vain.

  • How to Play: Tap the egg like there’s no tomorrow.

4. The Moron Test

The app is not stupid itself, but you will feel stupid when playing. The Moron Test asks you hundreds of apparently obvious questions that always have a double meaning or require you to think differently in order to answer correctly. Tests are split into various themed sections that will make you feel stupid in many different ways.

  • How to Play: Touch the correct answer to progress.

5. Dumb Ways to Die

The title is pretty self-explanatory for this one. Dumb Ways to Die is a game consisting of several different micro games featuring funny characters that you have to save from terrible deaths. There are different games in which you have to perform specific actions to succeed such as flick piranhas away from the private parts of a character.

  • How to Play: Follow the instructions of each mini game, and do it fast!