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Most Popular iOS Apps in 2014

If we started on a roll talking about the most important applications you can find in the App Store and you need for your smartphone, we probably wouldn’t end for months! WhatsApp , Evernote , Facebook and Instagram are so mainstream than we’ve decided not to create a specific list for them. Besides, there are other programs that are currently more and more popular in the App Store and, of course, you need to download them if you want to be in fashion.

SwiftKey Note: Avoid autocorrect fails

How many times have you sent something completely different from what you expected because of the autocorrect? SwiftKey Note is a free-to-download application that learns as you type. That means it remembers the places, names and phrases you have written before. The more you write in your smartphone, the more it learns. In that way, it can make predictions or suggestions, and what’s best, it won’t change those words that other autocorrect software tends to eliminate or to change.

These apps offer you integration with other software as well as innovative and enhanced features

In addition, it works as note taking software. You can tag your personal notes to organize your meetings or sync it with free Evernote. Once you finish typing, you can copy your notes, share them or send them via email. SwiftKey Note is compatible with every iOS device, such as iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The application that learns all about you
The application that learns all about you

Octonius: Cloud storage is not the future, it’s the present

Every current application these days tends to have a cloud storage service, but having a lot of similar applications (must-have ones) can be a bit exhaustive. Octonius allows you to keep Evernote, Dropbox and Google Drive files centralized in just one place. You can work faster and easier from your mobile, with every file organized according to the timeline the application provides. You won’t waste your time anymore searching for a file in each cloud storage application that you have!

Quick Fit: Get the abs of your dreams

Gyms are really expensive and we sometimes don’t have enough time to train ourselves (apart from the laziness factor). Quick Fit offers you the ability to do a workout by spending just 7 minutes of your valuable time. It is a high-intensity session of 12 exercises of 30 seconds each. You have the option of choosing the Quick Fit mode or the Quick Abs one, which follows the same 7-minute philosophy but for turning your current abs into a washboard stomach. Finally, we have to mention that it is one of the most valued applications in the App Store.

Be fit without leaving your house!
Be fit without leaving your house!

Outread: Try to follow the highlighter

If you know what ReadQuick is, this application won’t be something strange for you. Outread tells you where you should be reading at every moment. In a full-text page, that technique is really helpful if you want to increase your speed-reading in a very interesting and entertaining way. You can add it from Safari, read the texts offline and feel free to move through the text or paste a long text email. You can reduce the speed or change the highlighted line. In addition, Outread offers you the ability to integrate it with Instapaper, Readability and Pocket.

SocialRadar: Discover how many friends are around you

Would you like to know how many friends, acquaintances and professionals are around you? Now it’s quite simple by using SocialRadar , the application that combines information from your social networks with location data in your smartphone. You can integrate it with Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+. Once you connect your social networks accounts, you will be able to see the contacts divided into different groups and categories. You can expand it from 25 feet to a global perspective. What’s best from this download is the ability to set up an IFTTT-style alert that will notify you if somebody that you hate is near you.

Hey guy, I know where you are
Hey guy, I know where you are