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5 apps to discover cheating spouses

Today, there are apps for almost everything. At this point we all surely know that infidelity destroys trust in relationships. However, nowadays it is becoming more and more of a struggle to identify those signals that point out that your partner is cheating on you. The sooner you figure out if it is true or not, the better it is for you, so you can act accordingly – to save your relationship or to finish it forever. If you are suspicious your partner might be having an affair, you better download and try any of the apps listed below:


Qoqoriqo is a web-based but mobile-enabled application devoted to find if your partner is cheating on you. It is really simple to use: you should enter his/her mobile or email address and your type of relationship, and wait to see if somebody else entered the same details. If any information is found, then you can set up an alert, to be notified when a potential connection between the details you typed and the ones other person typed arises. In other words, this app puts in contact people who date with the same person without noticing it.

If finally some results appear, you will be able to enter a public forum, and decide whether to discuss the alleged infidelity through a direct conversation or through the forum. Photos, mobile phone bills or emails can be gathered as evidences. Qoqoriqo is constructed by crowd-sourced information in which people collaboratively collect facts to find out the truth about relationships. The only drawback we found in this application is the fact that you can put yourself on a whitelist in order to be invisible – of course you have to pay a fee per year.

Cheating spouse? How-to catch

Cheating spouse? How-to catch is an application for Android and iOS. It basically teaches how to catch a cheater and discover if those suspicions are real evidence of infidelity. It includes step-by-step checklists to follow, 85 chapters of useful tips, tricks and techniques, mobile phone spy software, and much more. Some of the things you will able to do after downloading Cheating spouse? How-to catch are; recover deleted data from the computer or the mobile, find passwords or spying SMS, IM conversations or email accounts.

Find My Friends

Find My Friends is a GPS-based application for iOS that allows for seeing another’s location if they grant you the permission. This service may seem innocent as for knowing if your children arrived safely at school or getting your friends regrouped on large outings. Nevertheless, it is not the first time that someone with justified suspicions activates this utility on their partner’s mobile without him/her noticing it. Of course, as the previously mentioned software, Find My Friends raises concerns when it comes to one’s privacy. However, facts are facts, and the reality is these practices are not being prohibited but are indeed growing.


Flexispy is a utility devoted to monitoring other mobiles. It allows for intercepting calls and remotely listening to them, getting a copy of the sent and received SMS and emails, tracking position through GPS services, and much more. However, one of its most interesting functionalities may be the alert you will receive when the SIM card of the target phone is replaced or removed. This turns to be really useful as cheaters normally use a different number for their secret life. The greatest point of Flexispy is you won’t get caught while spying, as is it is undetectable on your target’s mobile: it neither appears in the menu nor displays screens.

Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy does not differ too much on the previous application: it silently records the activities the user of the target phone performs and sends a detailed report to your account. However, it stands out from the rest of the utilities for its innovative add-on LIVE Panel. It allows performing remote commands, and most remarkably, viewing the mobile’s screen and location live. Similarly -and maybe most appreciated for those trying to discover cheaters - Mobile Spy does not rely on the phone’s internal logging system. In other words, if the owner deletes some calls or the entire usage history, it will be sent to you anyway. The things he/she wants to hide will be delivered to your phone.