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PES 2015


Expect Big Things” were the exact words of Shinji Hirano, president of Konami Europe, for all the fanbase. Without entering into too much detail about the new Konami PES 2015 football installment, expected for late September 2014, Konami wants to keep the European market closer compared to other markets where FIFA is leading the way.

In order to do that, Mr. Hirano states they are working and keeping in mind what went wrong with PES 2014, considering that version to be a transition. The new title will be totally changed, and they'll be focusing their efforts on the new generation game consoles. What we can expect from the next PES 2015 release?

Improved gameplay

Creating PES 2014 on the FOX graphic engine was a great but incomplete idea. Although the physics were good thanks to Havok software, the general impression the 2014 installment gave was that the technical aspect was not polished at all. The FOX next-gen engine is expected to be one of the main tools for multi-platform development as we can see with the upcoming Kojima games. For this reason, the next installment will offer an advanced graphic aspect that's much more stable than the previous title, which suffered heavy slowdowns and FPS drops in both online and offline game mode.

The next installment will offer an advanced graphic aspect much more stable than the previous title

The reaction of the players will also be improved but will still depend on the user’s performance thanks to the Heart System feature. They will need to be more realistic since the players sometimes don’t look real when they run or try some fancy moves. In this aspect, the development of the new FOX Engine will make all the difference due to its technology.

Physical recreation as one of the main aspects of the title
Physical recreation as one of the main aspects of the title

PES 2015 Features

Some of the continuing claims from players are that PES has never possessed the rights of some of the most important football teams in the world. In order to increase its popularity and realism, Konami needs to obtain the commercial license for the whole Barclays Premier League and even the Bundesliga. This way they can compete directly with FIFA investing in the final product quality.

On the other hand, despite PES attracting a great number of fans from all around the world, it lacks new game modes that would make it really irresistible like FIFA Ultimate Team. Club management is expected to be deeper. In this way, the addition of a complete team manager mode in PES 2015 is a must since it improves the player experience and offers a several hours of entertainment.

Based on real soccer

Teamplay is one of the main aspects on football, for this reason it is expected that Konami analyzes real matches in order to create real players connections emulating highlighted plays. In other words, with popular soccer players like Cristiano Ronaldo playing alongside with Gareth Bale for Real Madrid, Messi and Neymar doing the same for Barcelona or others such as Rooney, Mata and Van Persie for Manchester United , the game must recreate successfully their best team moves.

This also may be analyzed for defensive formations. Although this part is not so attractive, it really reassures the real football experience knowing that you have a real defense back in the field and not only of AI players that can spoil your whole match. For this reason, formations such as Chelsea F.C., Arsenal, Manchester City or the Italian teams A.C. Milan or Juventus are to be studied to implement their strategies automatically on the game.

What do you think PES 2015 needs to become the new football king? More licenses, great gameplay improvement or is it fine as it is? Share your impressions with us and help Konami to create the ultimate soccer game.